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Tiny Toddlers (Class B)
Ages 4-5


Tiny toddlers photo.jpeg

Class Cost Monthly 


One 40 minute class $65 per month

Two 40 minute classes $125 per month 

Toddlers (boys and girls) use their imagination and bodies to express emotion and explore the ways their bodies can move, bend, and stretch to music and sound. Whether your toddler is moving their bodies to their favorite song by jumping, clapping, stomping or kicking, your child is expressing how they feel through movement! Groove Kidz has developed a early childhood dance curriculum that will enhance your toddler’s abilities in the following areas:

  • Strengthen Balance & Mobility

  • Increase Body Coordination

  • Understand Rhythm & Beat

  • Focus & Follow Through (Discipline of Dance)

Groove Kidz  offers two courses (Creative Movement/Gymnastics  & Ballet/Tap Combo) that can be taken separately or combined (highly recommended). 

Class Schedule 

Wednesdays 5:50pm-6:20pm

Ballet/Tap Combo

Thursdays 5pm-5:40pm

Intro To Hip Hop 




Creative Movement/Gymnastics

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